An Article from "The Builder"  A Journal for the Architect and Constructor 1924

Regarding the design of Chengtu University - Fred Rowntree

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Chengtu is one of the chief centres of government in China and a place of influence in its educational life. It is clear, therefore, that by its position it is pre-eminently fitted to be a university city. Fifteen years ago the Protestant missions in West China united in their educational work and resolved to found a university. Land was bought just outside the south gate of Chengtu, and during one Christmas vacation three boys’ middle schools, founded by separate missions and situated in different parts of the city, were hurriedly moved into emergency quarters on the university grounds. Thus began the University Middle School, which now has. its own permanent buildings on a site separate from but adjoining the university grounds. The next year the University opened, also in emergency quarters, with a class of ten students. 


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