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Regarding the design of Chengtu University - Fred Rowntree

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University Buildings.


The Board of Governors, with a view to the appointment of an architect, invited one American, one Canadian, and two English firms to submit plans. On the advice of their assessor they selected those prepared by Messrs. Fred Rowntree & Sons, of London, who received the appointment of architects to the University.


View during Construction. 
The arched openings are for ventilation.

Before commencing building operations, the senior partner Visited the site and discussed the various problems not only with the members of the Senate, but also with the three leading Chinese statesmen in the Province, who welcomed the suggestion that the design of the buildings should he Chinese in character, politely adding that if they were carried out in that spirit they could copy them! An endeavour has been made to maintain the forms, texture and colouring handed down from past history, and to adapt these to modern requirements, with the judicious and harmonious use of such materials and forms of construction as the country can best supply.