Etchings by John T Bentley after TC Dibdin

uploaded 10/02/2019
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Thomas Colman Dibdin
(1810-1893) (after)
John. T. Bentley 
(act. 1834-1889) (engraver)
St. Ouen (Rouen)

London: 1883
Hand-colored etchings
21.5 x 14.5 inches, image
24.5 x 16 inches, plate mark
29.5 x 21.5 inches, overall

Pair of large colored etchings depicting the notable French cathedrals of Abbeville and St. Ouen of Rouen.  Both prints depict the lovely Gothic churches in the context of city views, including townspeople in the street going about their everyday activities.  One print depicts the Church of Saint-Vulfran in Abbeville, a town in the Normandy region of France.  The view of Rouen features the facade of St. Ouen, well known to art enthusiasts from Claude Monet’s series of Impressionist paintings of La Cathédrale de Rouen.

Thomas Colman Dibdin was a British painter of landscapes and architectural subjects.  He spent his entire life in London, where he exhibited between 1831 and 1883 at the British Institution, and between 1832 and 1874 at the Royal Academy.

John T. Bentley was an American etcher who worked in both the U.S. and Europe between 1834 and 1889.  He executed numerous prints of landscapes and architecturals, including interior and exteriors of cathedrals.


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