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 Guise / Fleuss Family pages.

Family members who have recently contributed

Name Email Address
Raoul Guise raoul@guise.plus.com Otley
Sarah Loat - sadly died 2014 (married to the late Chris Guise died 2022)
Celia Allen (Fleuss)
Grand niece of Vera Guise
celiaallen@btinternet.com Battle
Susan Taylor (Guise)
Granddaughter of Evangeline Batt (Guise)
Susant.Taylor@btopenworld.com Hampshire
Annette Marie White sadly died 2021 
Granddaughter of Evangeline Batt (Guise)
Victoria (Toti) Grainger dippylady@live.co.uk  Doncaster 


Full detailed family trees 

On a single horizontal sheet  On multiple A4 sheets for printing
Jules Carl Guise(=Giese) descendants in PDF
up to date but subject to additions
Jules Carl Guise(=Giese) descendants. PDF
up to date but subject to additions
The Fleuss Tree in PDF
up to date but subject to additions
The Fleuss Tree in PDF
up to date but subject to additions

And also  Further Catalogue of Family Trees 



More from Sarah Loat

After writing Sections 1 and 2

This prompts me to send you further information I have gathered at the top end of the tree, which I have been meaning to send you for some time.  Apart from anything else this year I have enjoyably been writing up my own family’s building history.  They were builders in the Clapham area and I finally have started to pull all my research together.  Of course it never ends but somewhere the story has to be defined and told.  Even more of a spur was, while doing this, I was contacted by a member of English Heritage who had been surveying The Shrubbery in Clapham, which was a work of my great-great grandfather, and so there is an offer of a tour and further retrieval of information of this and other works through them in the new year.  Lovely to have English Heritage do a bit of research for me!

 Anyway, back to the Guise family.    See Section 3 

Comments from Annette White

There are a few mistakes in the family tree.
1) Great Grandmother Therese Guise, had 6 children. The first born being a boy called Carl, died in infancy.
I know this to be a fact, as nearing the end of her life, Therese G. lived with her daughter Evangeline, my mother's mother. Therese G. never got over the death of her child. I remember, mummy telling us, she would find her at night, wandering around the house, saying "Find my child, where's my child".
2) Yvonne and Neil Callow also had a daughter, called Gabrielle, who died in infancy.
I'm slightly confused. We as children, often visited Uncle Louie (Evangeline's brother). He lived in Clapham. We lived in Brixton. I can recall him saying ( of his surname) we dropped the 'De' when we moved to England.
I can also clear up the details of Uncle Louie's son, Paul's death. It is such a tragic tale.
Peter, Uncle Louie's elder son, was an officer during the war and whilst on leave, his brother Paul, was playing with Peter's gun, when it went off, shooting himself in the stomach and tragically dying.
I had the good fortune of going to Denmark as a girl and staying with Auntie Emily. Who also told me of the DeGuises. And how she traced them back to the Duke and Cardinal Deguise. But gave up when she found out the Cardinal sired about 15 children. Auntie Emily, being a devout Catholic. Stopped there.
Sarah's research is fascinating. And far more plausible.
Here is our history, after Evangeline and William Batt
Therese Elizabeth Emily Marie Batt - married Vincent James Poole, who died 1951.
They had two children
Louise Marie Wynne Poole - married William James Dangerfield.
They had four children
Stuart DeQuincy
Steven James
Simon Richard
Daniella Marie.
Annette Marie White - married Roger Paul A'Hern
We had one son
Paul Vincent
Annette Marie A'Hern married Barry Leslie White.

William Francis Joseph Batt- married Hanorah Bridget Heniker? (Susan would know this).
They had four birth children and one chosen.
Anthony (chosen)
Hopefully that's is enough for now.
I remember, mummy often talking of Tony and I do know of you, as mummy often mentioned you by name.

It's interesting that Tony was an artist, my father too was an artist. I expect it was Tony who introduced my mother (Therese B) to my father (Vincent Poole). My father went to the Camberwell School of Art. Did Tony?

Three Generations - starting with Therese Caroline Alexandrine TOURNIAIRE who married Jules Carl Giese later Guise, from Denmark.

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