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One side of recent Guise History
which was the Giese Family from Denmark 

See also  information about the Fleuss Family 

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The Guise Family webpages are currently still being developed, as since 2011, information from many sources has become available. Contact with other members of the family has been very gratifying and exciting and has enabled much  information to come to light and has given immense insights into the nature of the Guise-Fleuss family

An Introductory Comment to the Guise and Related Families  -   2015

A few years ago very little was known by the author of the history of the Guise Family. The Danish connection was known with the associated myth regarding the flight of the De Guise family from France at the time of the French Revolution.
This myth has been debunked and a clear history is available thanks to the work of the late Sarah Guise nee Loat who established the roots of the Guise family originally Giese.
The Giese Family - Section 1 - Section 2 - Section 3
2018 photographs of Copenhagen

From the initial point of view, The Matriarch of the family was Vera Guise, Mater, born a Fleuss and married to Jules Guise, son of Jules Carl Guise. 
Since the year 2010, archive material in the form of letters has come to light, the internet has been a source of information and most excitingly, because of the history website, a number of new relations have  communicated. The finding of new relations has now been tinged with sadness due to the death in 2014 of Sarah Guise at a very young age with cancer and, with cancer, the death of Ken Allen the husband of Celia Allen related to the Guise Family through the Fleuss connection via Vera Guise. The recent death of Yvonne Callow, Vera Guise's older daughter, has signaled the end of an era.


There was a proud myth within the family that it was related to the De Guise Family who may have  escaped France to Denmark at the time of the French Revolution.
Research, thanks to Sarah Guise, now shows that the Guise name was introduced by the Danish family Giese in the late 1800's,  probably by Therese Caroline Alexandrine Tourniaire, although the names were interchangeable for a while. Therese's death was registered under the name of Giese.

However,  information from Dr.Paul Renan, a descendant of a De Guise who married a Dane, suggests that the De Guise family may have fled successfully from France to Denmark in 1812. 


In Summary

Vera Fleuss married Jules Guise, the boy next door in Bonham Road Wandworth and they had 3 children Anthony, Yvonne and Marie.

Jules Guise was the son of Jules Carl Guise a, theatrical agent from Denmark, who had married Therese Tourniaire, the grand-daughter of a French circus man, Jacques Tourniaire who became the Equestrian Master to Tsar Nicholas I. Before his marriage Jules Carl had the surname Geise.

Vera Fleuss was one of eight children who grandfather was Henry J Fleuss the Artist  and the first Drawing  Master at Marlborough College. His son Henry Otto Fleuss 

Jules Carl Giese (later Guise) from Denmark married Therese Caroline Alexandrine Tourniaire from France in 1880. They had 6 children  ( one, Carl,  died young) and settled in England. 

Notes on Circus History

The results of that research are to be seen on the page The Giese Family.

One of Jules Carl's sons, Jules Guise married Vera Fleuss and they had one son Anthony Benoit and two daughters Yvonne and Marie

Anthony Benoit Guise, an artist and soldier in the 2nd World War, died in Columbo, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka ) on 23 July  1944 while On Active Service.

He had just married Joan Dibdin and had one son.

Neil Callow was best man. Jean Irvine was brides maid

The annotated group wedding photograph shows some of the family including Paul Frankland a cousin who went to Canada.

Maria Guise worked as company secretary for Eutectic Alloys and lived at home caring for her mother. She died in 2004

Yvonne married Neal Callow to produce one son, Simon.

By 1900 the Guise family had settled in Brixton. Kelly’s for 1901/02 show they lived at 27 Bonham Road and they stayed there until the 1909 Kelly’s Directory show them at No. 25. The Fleuss family (Henry Otto Fleuss) lived at No. 23. Julius Carl and Therese continued to live there, Julius dying on 29th June 1939. I understand Therese was bombed out of Bonham Road during the blitz.

It is clear that Therese was the driving factor in the adoption of the surname Guise, and giving all the children French names. Even her husband was often called Jules, rather that his original Julius.



Guise - Fleuss Family Trees

The known family tree has grown in complexity and is now in three parts

The Giese Tree starts in Denmark and finishes with Jules Carl guise who changed his name to Guise.

His son Jules Guise married Vera Fleuss the grand daughter of Henry Joseph Fleuss and artist born in Prussia

On a single horizontal sheet   On multiple A4 sheets for printing
The Giese Tree starting in 1754  in PDF The Giese Tree starting in 1754  in PDF 
Jules Carl Guise(=Giese) descendants in PDF Jules Carl Guise(=Giese) descendants. PDF -5 pages
The Fleuss Tree in PDF - 1 sheet The Fleuss Tree in PDF - 18 pages
Catalogue of other Family Trees  
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