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 Elsie Marshall

12th April 1908 - 2nd September 2002

She was a well loved member of the Marshall Family and was a very talented artist.
Daughter of Bob (Robert S ) Marshall, a pioneer in photograph and a skilled at home craftsman, Elsie lived in the same house in Walthamstow all her life. Her mother, Eveline, died 22 October 1951 at the age of 68 and was writing to Elsie during that same year while either were on holiday. She cared for her father in his latter years.

Her only brother Ted, Robert Edward Marshall, started work with AEC Walthamstow and later moved to AEC Southall were he worked up through the company eventually becoming company secretary.

She never married and spent most of her time, when not working or busy, painting. She attended many painting holidays and courses and was taught by some of the leading painters of the time. She was a member of   Essex Art Club and closely associated with the Arts and Crafts movement. Elsie often exhibited her paintings in Essex Art Club exhibitions where the minimum charge for any picture in 1998 was £50. Cover from 1955 showing leading membership of the club.

Old Site for Essex Art Club
Through the Art Club she developed a close friendship with Eleanor Barker.

Elsie seemed to have Epping Forest and produced many watercolours of the trees and local scenes. It is estimated that there are about 750 of her paintings, a catalogue of which is in progress of being assembled at http://www.guise.plus.com/Elsie/Gallery/indexGallery.htm

Two of her paintings have gone to New Zealand

Elsie was not only was a prolific painter but also a keen student of art, the techniques and related topics including photography. She was a member of the Colour Group – a local Photo Club.

Records show that Elsie had strong connections with Vestry House Museum, Walthamstow Antiquarian Society which is now Walthamstow Historical Society and the National Trust - Woodford Green Centre and was a member of these clubs right up until she died.

She was keen interest in local history, art and architecture and went of many trips with Walthamstow Antiquarian Society which is now Walthamstow Historical Society

Vestry House Museum  
Vestry Road, London E17 9NH
020 8496 4391

Elsie was a Friend of the William Morris Gallery
Lloyd Park Forest Road E17 4PP

and attended the Woodford Green Centre  - National Trust 

During the 2nd world war Elsie was involved in defence work locally and received a Certificate of Gratitude from Walthamstow Borough Council for work as Record Clerk March 1943 to Stand Down. – Civil Defense Organisation of Borough. 1st July 1945

At the age of 21 Elsie joined The Micanite and Insulators Co..Ltd, Walthamstow in June 1929 as a comptometer operator and later ran the Dept retiring on 29th Dec 1967.

Retirement letter

Retirement Poem

What is a comptometer ?

Studying French in 1933

See 50 year folio publication Aug 1951


Historical snippets

Found among her papers a set of five sheets of music hall songs.

It seemed that the house in 12 King Edward Rd was bought in 1926 with a Mortgage which was paid off in 1938 .The Family was living at 12 King Edwards in 1912

Whether or not they lived in the house before that date is unknown.

In March 1920 Elsie was awarded English Dictionary Prize for being top of the class.

Elsie’s mother Eveline died in 1951. That year 1951 Elsie went on holiday to Barmouth North Wales and the Isle of Wight. Eveline and Bob went on holiday to Worthing.

In 1920 Elsie started a autograph book with poems in 1920 

It is estimated that there are about 750 of her paintings, 
a catalogue of which is in progress of being assembled at http://www.guise.plus.com/Galleries/Elsie/indexGallery.htm