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Road sign in Cremona

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Agostino Aglio
by Yockney 
on the Aglio Family


At present, the Aglio story starts in 1777 with the birth of Agostino Aglio in Cremona, Northern Italy.
His father, Gaetano Aglio, was a significant person working in Milan as an lawyer and known to the various Holy Roman Emperors. His mother was Anna Maria Mondini. 
Because of his connections Aglio obtained the best opportunities for education in Northern Italy and his knowledge and talent opened doors to an interesting career leading to his arrival in England in 1803.

In 1805 he married Letitia Clarke at St. Anne's Soho and they had 3 children, Augustine, Mary and Emma 

Augustine Aglio, the son on Agostino,  married the sister, Margaret, of John Absolon and they had  3 daughters , Letitia, Marian and Mysie.
The three Aglio girls.
Sadly a son, Augustine Joseph, died at 1 year.

Not only did Augustine marry John Abosolon's sister, he ran an photography studio with his brother, Hugh Wolfgang de Mansfield Absolon

The relationship between the Absolon, Aglio and later the Dibdin family can be seen in the article
More details in A Dynasty of Artists.

There are records that indicate that the family name derives from the  name Aelius and there are  copies of several crests



Letitia Clarke 
was born on 15th November 1783 the daughter of Robert Clarke and baptised at St. Benet in Paul's Wharfe London

Bust of John Clarke Cousin of Letitia
or maybe her father 

Two paintings by Giovanni Campovecchio 
who taught Aglio landscape painting when 
he was in Rome

Two sisters and daughter/niece 

The Three Aglio Girls and their mother

When he arrived in England, in 1803, he was helped by a Captain James Walsh who was in charge of immigration.
Captain James Robert St. John Walsh

The work at 

Moorfields Church

Article from  Telegraph

Hand Copied article

Moorfields Church

Aglio and Walsh  became great friends and honoured each other by using the names of Walsh and Augustine for the second names of one of their children.

Later Emma Walsh Aglio married Francis Augustine Walsh in Manchester

Room decorated at Buckingham Palace 
by Agostino Aglio

Aglio and Walsh met in immigration as Aglio arrived in England.

He helped Aglio then and a little while later when Aglio felt he had to leave the employment of Wilkins.

See Autobiography 

Captain James Walsh

Marriage Certificate



Passport from Aglio's work in Europe.

In about 1820 Agostino travelled around Europe to draw copies of documents that were taken from Mexico. His work was published as seven volumes on Mexican Antiquities.


Links relating to Aglio Family

One of a few paintings by Mary Aglio, daughter of Agostino, found in a "scraps album" of A.Aglio

William Joseph Dibdin

Marian Aglio


Marian Aglio and William Joseph Dibdin knew each other when they were youngsters 
and married in 1878.
They had nine children sadly one daughter, 
Sophia died at birth. 

Photographs of W.J.Dibdin, Marian and Family

Recent publication of book by Agostino Aglio

Psalm 23 - illustrated by Agostino Aglio

Laetitia Pape nee Aglio
sister of Marian Aglio

Frederick Pape
who was living with the Augustine Aglio Family in 1871


They married in 1888 at Epsom



Sketch of the picture
and also printed 
by Agostino Aglio 
for the 
Enthronement of Queen Victoria


Landscape Ludlow Caste Near Tavistock Dodmore Farm

1 print by Agostino Aglio and 3 prints by Augustine Aglio see Article by Yockney