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Captain's Cabin - Norris Street


This set of photographs is added as The Captain's Cabin, a public house in Norris Street just off Haymarket is referred to by Joan Guise in one of the letters from her late husband's friends who went to India with Tony. 
{198874 Lieut. R.Souray R.A.37/13 Indian H.A.A.Rgt 1.A.South East Asia Command.}
 This was the last time they all met up before they left for India in 1944. 

At the time these photographs were taken in August 2013 it was reported by the bar staff that the building was to be knocked down in September..... Serendipity,  that one should have chosen that particular trip to London, in august  to follow up the historical lead. 

The pub has been renovated since 1944 but the photographs show some of the feel of the place based on its location and interior. The last four photos were taken at about ten o'clock in the evening. 

P1010097 P1010098 P1010101 P1010102
P1010097.jpg P1010098.jpg P1010101.jpg P1010102.jpg
P1010103 P1010104 P1010105 P1010107
P1010103.jpg P1010104.jpg P1010105.jpg P1010107.jpg
pDSCF1105 pDSCF1106 pDSCF1107 pDSCF1108
pDSCF1105.jpg pDSCF1106.jpg pDSCF1107.jpg pDSCF1108.jpg

uploaded 17/08/2013