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Peter Haycraft Dibdin  - work documents

uploaded 19/02/2015

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certificate certificate-letter

Permission by his father to allow Peter to fly

certificate.jpg certificate-letter.jpg
certificate-receipt exam-pass indenture-1-p1
certificate-receipt.jpg exam-pass.jpg indenture-1-p1.jpg

Three pages of indenture of Peter to his father - cost 1-0-0

indenture-1-p2 indenture-1-p3 indenture-2-p1
indenture-1-p2.jpg indenture-1-p3.jpg indenture-2-p1.jpg

Four pages of indenture of Peter to the Partnership after his father's death - cost 140-0-0

indenture-2-p2 indenture-2-p3 indenture-2-p4
indenture-2-p2.jpg indenture-2-p3.jpg indenture-2-p4.jpg