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Museum of Family War Items

 Catalogue of items

This section includes documentation relation to various members of the family and items collected by members of the family during the two world wars.

Links are included to other relevant parts of the website.

Some of the items such as whole newspapers are referred to as primary sources but are not displayed on the website.

Introduction     Incomplete !

Colin Rowntree's Room - WW1

Acceptance letter from Philip Baker  
Diary 1914 -1916  Time with Friends Ambulance Unit
Including his arrival at Dunkirk 31st Oct 1914
Speech by O/C  FAU -  May 1915 About the work of the Friends Ambulance Unit
Diary 1916 -1918 Time in the Royal Engineers - War Graves
WW1 and WW2 Photo Album  
Display of Documents from the Time.  
Photographs of Ypres  Taken by Colin at the time
Postcards of Ypres during and after WW1
Postcards of Ypres before and during WW1
Local Postcards  Sent home by Colin 
Postcard from Scotland About Family member going to help in Holland

Lawrence Rowntree WW1 Room 

Gwen's Room  - WW2

Communiqués re London life from Paul

26 Details reports - 27th Aug 1940 to 31st March 1941

3 Photographs of London bombing



Newly printed versions of WW2 posters.

Propaganda leaflet

About Americans

Poem by Gwen


Poem by EMU The Camel's Surgery

Letters to Paul from Parents


Letter from Paul to Kit


Letters from Paul to Parents


London Transport at War


W.V.S. report

4 pages

W.V.S. notes for Volunteers

From Mary Rowntree in Hull



Rationing Coupons

Red Cross – City of London – PR.

ID cards


Ministry Leaflets on various issues


Diet for the Wounded man


Ministry Notes on Billeting


Joan Dibdin's Room - WW2

The Captain's Cabin -
Photographs of the Public House
 Last social time between Joan and Tony Guise - 1944

Other Wartime articles and information

A Family at War

Details of many family members in the Two World Wars.

3 Lives in WW2

The Biography of the Joan Dibdin and her husband and son 1939 to 1950

Notes regarding a Gun Battery 

A museum in Hartlepool - an example of the Gun Batteries throughout UK in WW2

The Airfields worked on by Lionel Dibdin in WW1


Documents re:  Lionel Aglio Dibdin During WW1 

Barts in WW2

An article by Fr. Benedict Webb

Reply to Fr Webb from P.R.


Photographs and letters of Stanley Haycraft

Other Primary Sources not displayed

Our War in the Air 1941

Book by Air Commodore L.E.O.Charlton

Telegraph Supplement 1989

Images of War

Yorkshire Evening Post 1991


Observer Review 1990

Living through the Blitz

Radio Times Supplements 1989

WW2 VE day

The Observer 1944

Reprint 1994