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War Museum - Introduction

Contents page for War Museum

This museum is as the result of the surfacing of a considerable number of documents, newspapers and items.

The WW2 section is based on the the experiences of P&G Rowntree and those of Joan and Tony Guise.

We are lucky to have 26 letters, titled Communiques from Paul to his parents written during the first London blitz while he was a medical student at St. Bartholomews Hospital. During this period he work nights and during air raids at a local first aid centre, where he met Gwen.

The story of 3 lives in WW2 is based on diaries of Joan Dibdin and letters written from England, Africa, India and Ceylon by Tony Guise while on active duty. Joan  was working at the first aid centre at Marylebone during the first blitz.

This material is supported by a summary article of numerous members of the Family in WW2 and WW1 and by reference to newspapers articles of the time and later reviews.

Comment should be made of the documents and articles regarding Walthamstow in WW2 from Elsie Marshall who was living in that area of North London with her father .

World War 1 is well represented with letters from the front by Lionel Dibdin and his brothers and brother in law, Stanley and also from the diaries of Colin Rowntree who works with the Friends Ambulance Unit and as a Royal Engineer with the War Graves Registration.