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George Rowntree

The Reminiscences of George Rowntree
1855 -1940

written during the winter of 1935-36




I intended my stories to stop before the War period , with the exception of those relating to the War. In doing this, I am passing over your parents and yourselves, as your father is the right one to write such reminiscences. I therefore, content myself with saying that I am the happy sharer in the sunshine throughout the years that each one of the family has brought into my life from time to time.

Should the time come when either of you are writing stories of the past, I wonder whether the fun, that you have let me share with yourselves even when I was at the age of 65 and 70, may not be all forgotten - I think of the strong bannister rail at 55 Esplanade Road - of the speed boat, when, within 3 minutes of our passing out of the harbour, your heads looked as if your hair had been pasted down - the tobogganing down Oliver's Mount Road as far as Whitfield's shop - and the wild dash we made on the underground electric trucks in the Aquarium, uphill and down-hill, dashing round comers and, for a wonder, ending up all right at the end in the daylight.

"So let the way wind up the hill or down,
O'er rough or smooth, the journey will be joy,
Still seeking what I sought when but a boy,
New friendship, high adventure, and a crown,
My heart will keep the courage of the quest
And hope the road's last turn will be the best."


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