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The Rowntree Family

The early history of the Rowntree Family is thank to the book "Genealogy of the Rowntrees of Risborough" by Charles Brightwen Rowntree and subsequently his niece E.Margaret Sessions.

Charles suggests that the Rowntrees are of Scandinavian origin; ( the Rowan Tree was the Viking sacred tree). There are records of a John Rowntree living in Borrowby, North Yorkshire, in 1521. 

Records lead us into an  Early Family Tree starting in 1590. Peter Rowntree was a Yeoman  in Easby born in 1590 and died in 1620. He had married a Phyllis Wright in 1614. 

The main known about branch of the Early Family Tree then follows through

Peter  of Easby - Yeoman
William of Easby - Yeoman
John of Easby - Yeoman
William of Easby - Fuller
William of Risborough - Yeoman

Risborough in 1875
Formerly the home of William (1727-1798 and Hannah (nee Hebron) Rowntree. Rowntrees lived here until 1831, 
and the house was destroyed by fire in 1952, 
but restored in 1990

Drawn by Esther Rowntree (1807-1874)


William, married to Hannah Hebron and had 8 offspring
John, Mary, Hannah, Elizabeth, Jane, William, Joseph, Joseph, Robert

There was no issue from Hannah and Elizabeth. 

The other six hand families and descendants are all recorded, in detail, in the book "Genealogy of the Rowntrees of Risborough" by Charles Brightwen Rowntree and subsequently his niece E.Margaret Sessions.

Early Family Tree takes us to this point.
As time allows, this website will look at some of the descendants of the oldest son, John Rowntree,
Grocer and Draper of Scarborough. 

It includes family members such as Seebohm Rowntree, social observer and writer and Fred Rowntree, architect.
Many Rowntrees were educated at Bootham School in York in fact the 1935 Bootham Register record a total of 42 students with Rowntree names and two others are known in the 1960's.

Frederick Rowntree was descended from John Rowntree, a Grocer in Scarborough and married Mary Anna Gray a descendant from William Gray who started, in Glasgow, the biscuit company of Gray Duun. They had three Children, Colin, Douglas and Molly. Many of the Grandchildren from these three are still in contact.

Colin married Mary Begg, only daughter of Samuel Begg the artist, and they had two sons, Michael and Paul Rowntree. Sadly Michael, about 8 years after marrying, died in South Africa in a motorbike accident. Paul trained as a doctor at St Bartholomew's Hospital London and then returned to York, to run a single handed General Practice.

Details have been researched of a number of families that have married into the Rowntree Family and these are referred to on the page Rowntree Ancestors and Relations.


Thanks to                                                                
"Genealogy of the Rowntrees of Risborough" 
by Charles Brightwen Rowntree 
and his niece E.Margaret Sessions.
Printed by William Sessions York