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Paul  Rowntree 


by "EMU"


Young Paul Rowntree had a villa,
Called it " The Oasis "
Rows of gleaming instruments
In spotless leather cases,
Rows of silly, slippery chairs, and Lots of gloomy reading:-
"How to be Ten Times as Strong",and
"How to Stop Nose-bleeding."
Carpet of a ghastly purple
Made the patients vomit.
A receiver, with an aspidistra
Sprouting from it.
This apartment, filled with gloom, was
Where the patients, waiting
Diagnosis swift and certain,
Sat anticipating.
Patients young and beautiful, and
Patients fat and solemn,
Some were genuinely ill
And some had dodged the column.
Some had come about their screws, and
Rheumatism chronic;
Some had come about their nerves, and
Wanted " just a tonic."
Some had poked their noses into
Other people’s pigeon,
Wandered in with divers wounds
That badly needed stitching.
Each one eagerly awaited
Young Paul's dispensation.
When they heard his dulcet tones, it
Caused a slight sensation.
On the gate outside -there hung a

Plate of aluminium - .
(Easier kept spotless clean than
Brass, in Paul's opinion.)
Picture then this leech's practise ,
Picture all the ailing,
Picture most the plate that brings them,
Hung out on the railing.
Picture on that shining plate, a
Lean and shaggy mammal
"Consulting hours are five till seven
Dr. Rowntree .... ( Camel )"


EMU was a close friend of Gwen’s who was working in
Harrogate in Jan 1941 and was suffering from TB.