B. Seebohm Rowntree   C.H., LL.D., D.H.L., R.St.O.O. 
1871 -1954

In Memoriam

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BENJAMIN SEEBOHM ROWNTREE, by his distinguished achievements in many fields of work devoted to human welfare, won for himself an outstanding reputation in his own country, and internationally. He will be remembered as a sociologist, for his acute and impartial investigation of many aspects of Britain's social life; in particular for his investigation into the problem of poverty. He played a notable part in the transformation of the standards of working peoples' housing. As a far-sighted industrialist, he started on his own initiative, or in co-operation with others, some of the most valuable developments in the field of scientific management. A wide range of good causes had his sympathetic and active support, Perhaps, however, the work which was nearest his heart, and where he was able to make the greatest single contribution, lay in the field of enlightened industrial relations, In this field, his outlook and ideals have influenced the thinking of many countries and many races.

The record and appraisal of his contribution to human progress in these varied fields of work must be left to history. The purpose of this Memorial is simpler and more personal. It is a tribute of the friends who shared in his work in the Rowntree business (and all who worked with him, of whatever grade, would rightly and gladly

call themselves his friends) to the "B.S.R" who dedicated some fifty years to making that business a truly "happy ship".

What is said here may serve in some measure as a tribute to a great man, in the best sense; as some record of a fine life finely lived.

It, is left to speak for itself, save that "those who had worked with him so happily and so long" would like to express their deep, appreciation of the gracious message to them from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, passed on to us by Sir Robert

Hyde in his address set out in this Memorial. What better memorial could "B.S.R" have than an industrial community such as ours working together in that same happy spirit of friendship, of which his whole life was so fine an expression ?

December, 1954.