B. Seebohm Rowntree   C.H., LL.D., D.H.L., R.St.O.O. 
1871 -1954

In Memoriam

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12th OCTOBER, 1954

THE Board had learned of the death of B.S.R. on 7th October and desired to record their sadness at his passing and their deep sympathy with his family.

When he retired on 1st July, 1941, the Board sought to record some measure of their appreciation of the outstanding contribution B.S.R. had made to this Company over a period of 44 years, both by his business ability and by his personality and outlook. On 11th October a Memorial Meeting had been held in the Works at which tribute was paid to his life and work. A Memorial to B.S.R.'s life and work is to be published and any detailed reference in this minute would therefore be out of place. Yet his colleagues who have known and worked with him in this business would like to minute a last personal tribute to close an unforgettable record.

B.S.R. was an able administrator who made a great contribution to the commercial success of this business. He was, however, far more than that. In the wide range of his interests and his work, he had a national and, indeed, an international reputation, of which there will be continuing public recognition. He had a clear and lucid mind, an outstanding gift for investigation and analysis and presentation of complicated problems. He was fired by a desire to use his abilities to the utmost, first for the benefit of all those employed in the business, and beyond that, for the benefit of mankind. His sense of dedication, his feeling of being a trustee for the opportunities open to him, arose out of his deep religious convictions, and gave the dynamic force for a life of service with wide-ranging interests. To all his work he brought a modesty and charm and an ever-lively sense of humour which won the friendship of all.

He was a great citizen of the world. Yet he seemed always to find his deepest interests among the ordinary men and women in this business; he regarded them as his fellow-workers. The more intimately he was known, the greater was the respect and the deeper the affection he inspired.

His colleagues feel that it was one of their greatest and happiest privileges to have enjoyed his friendship. He was an inspiration while he lived. His fine life in this business should continue to be an inspiration and a challenge to those left to carry on the work to which he set his hand.