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Prefatory Note to the 1914 Register .

On the 30th September, 1818, William Tuke, who had already been responsible for the foundation of the Girls' School, suggested to the Quarterly Meeting that a Friends' Boys' School. should be established and carried on by that Meeting at York.

Owing to lack of support. the original project fell through, but, in October, 1822, it was decided to start a school on premises which belonged to the Retreat and were situate in Lawrence Street, immediately outside Walmgate Bar, William Simpson was the Head Master. The School was opened in January,1823.

In the following year the premises were acquired by the Quarterly Meeting, and in January, 1829, that Meeting took over the management of the School and installed John Ford, then aged 28, as Head Master.

The removal of the School to other premises was contemplated in 1843, and actually carried out in January, 1846, when the present premises in Bootham were acquired.

This Register is intended to cover the whole period of the School's history from 1822 to the present time. Unfortunately, however, the early records are very imperfect, and it has been impossible to ascertain the names of all the pupils who attended the School during the first years of its existence.

Forward to the 1935 Register .

This new edition of the Bootham School Register is based on the previous Register edited by George Henry Mennell, in 1914, material for which was largely collected by E. Mitford Abraham and F.Corder Clayton. With very considerable modifications, the whole of the old Register is included in this new volume.

The 1914 Register contained 1988 names. In this revised edition there are 2,853 names, including 21 Hon. Members of the O.Y.S.A. who were not actually Bootham Scholars. 1,056 have died, so that on May 31st, 1935, there were 1,776 Bootham Scholars still living.

The available records are very imperfect for a number of those who were at Bootham during the War Years, several of whom cannot now be traced.

My thanks are due to all those who have helped in the work, and especially to Donald Gray, Anthony N. Pim and Christopher J. Rowntree, for their continued valuable assistance.


I am indebted to J. Henry Fryer and Arthur Rowntree for their aid in revising the proofs.


*         - indicates a Bootham Scholar who is no longer living.
        - indicates an Honorary Member of the 0. Y .S.A.
                 who was not actually a Bootham Scholar .
L         - at school at LawrenceStreet.
B        - at school at Bootham.
F.A.U.- Friends' Ambulance Unit.
F .W. V.R.C. - Friends' War Victims Relief Committee.
L.N.U. - League of Nations Union.
s        -son.
b        -born.
m       -married.
d        -died.

There is a Biography written of  D.Gray 
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