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Articles relating to this Extended Family 

Articles within the website and produced as printed booklets

The Life and Times of the Dibdin-Aglio Family     1745-1925 An endeavour to put the lives of some members of the Dibdin and Aglio Families into a historical context, with reference to life in London for the artistic community.
Aspects of the Fleuss and Related Families A study of the lives of the descendants of Henry Joseph Fleuss and many related families

William Joseph Dibdin and Family.
3 Volumes and Appendices

A Glimpse into Three Generations 1850 to 1945
in 3 Volumes.
Aspects of the Life of Paul Rowntree Based on his lectures and letters
26 Communiques by P.Rowntree Written by Paul to his parents during the 1st blitz 1940
An Introduction to the Rowntree Family 
in the 20th century
One Branch in the First World War Era 
An article looking at the lives of Frederick Rowntree and his extended family from 1900 to the end of the First World War. 
Three Lives in World War 2    Joan Dibdin, Tony Guise and son. This includes as much detail as possible of the life of A.B.Guise
Traumatic Years                A look at the life of Joan and Peter Dibdin after the tragic death of their parents
Ancestral Fantasy Imagined encounters with a number of ancestors based on coincidences of place.

Ancestry of Samuel Begg the Artist

With some details of two slave estates in Grenada and the life of Thomas Begg.

Articles only within the website

Photographs and Details of Family Wedding
Chiswick and Hammersmith    A Family Habitat in the Twentieth Century
Reminiscences of Chiswick and how it influenced the lived of the extended Rowntree Family.
The Story relating to Aglio's time working on the Summerhouse at Buckingham Palace in the 1840's,
A Family at War -  WW1 and WW2
Details of all known members of the related families and their involvement 
in the First World War.
A tribute to those who were killed or injured and to the bravery of all. 
An Artistic Dynasty

Catalogue of residences of many individuals and families.
Research into the habitat of individuals and families leads to the possibility of guessing how or why individuals met and subsequently marriage. There is a strange serendipity that occurs as later generations coincidentally gravitate back to the habitats of their ancestors.

 The Jones - Dibdin Family Connection    and    The Jones - Tetley Connection
Thanks to the work of Michael Blow an important link between Thomas Colman Dibdin and the Rev.William Taylor Jones has been found. Research has led to some idea of the movements and activity of T.C.Dibdin over the years and introduced a link with the Tetley Tea family.

The Haycraft-Dibdin Connection - Sutton and Surrey
The Rowntree Cruise in 1936      - Colin, Mary, Michael and Paul Rowntree
Members of the Rowntree Family who were at Bootham School York
Members of the Gray Family who were at Bootham School York
The Thorp Family at Bootham
Bootham School Attenders 
The Bootham School Register
An Introduction to the Friend Ambulance Unit in WW1