Ada Begg (Angie) (nee Nelson)

Born 8 April 1868

Married Samuel Begg 26 April 1893

Died 1934

Details from a photograph

"Angie" Ada Begg   8.4.1868 1934

Married "DadAngie" Sam Begg 19.3.1854 1936

26.4.1893 at registry office in Hastings?

Daughter (Ada) Mary Begg later Rowntree 14.5.1894 - 11.11.1967

Note:  Michael Rowntree 7.11.1915 - July 1942

When young tried to say Granny and Grand Daddy and within the family were always called Angie and DadAngie with a soft G as in Tangy


Ada Begg Ancestry

The ancestry of Ada Begg nee Nelson has been found in a letter from "Maude" who was probable working as a nurse in a home in Fulham.

It seemed that on her Grandmother's side she was descended from an Italian girl who came over to England as a boat refugee from the war in Europe probably in the mid 18th Century. The girl was cared for by a family, called Harwood, in Oxford and within five months had a baby and died. The family bought the child up with the Harwood name. This child was one of Ada's Great Grandfathers.

On her Grandfather's side she was descended from Sir Richard Burgoine who daughter ran away with a gardener who was another of Ada's great grandfather.

The letter refers also to a Tom Oliver a highwayman who robbed the rich to give to the poor and was later hanged.

Summary chart of the story.