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Summary of Begg Website


The Begg Family

Introduction to the origins - Thomas Begg from Scotland to Grenada

Records start with Samuel Begg Senior, father of Sam Begg the Illustrator.
Sam married Angie, they had a daughter Mary who married Colin Rowntree, 
a member of the historic Rowntree Family.

Samuel Begg Senior married Agnes Warren Wilson who mother was a descendant of the Carlile Family

Summary of the Begg Website

Samuel Begg - the Artist

Ada Begg nee Nelson wife of Sam Begg Junior

The Begg roots in Scotland and Grenada

Link to more complete Family Tree

Photograph of a painting by Sam Begg of Thomas Murdoch Marshall MacFarlane.

From the full Family Tree it can be seen that Thomas was his nephew although born only 4 years after Sam's  wife Ada.