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Born 19 Mar 1854 London

Married in 26 April 1893 to 
Ada (Angie) Nelson 
who was born 6 April 1868

Died 7 Jan 1936

One daughter Mary born 14 May 1894


 Summary of Life of Samuel Begg

Born 1854 in London.

In about 1860 Sam Begg's family emigrated to New Zealand, taking with them a staircase, oak and a cow. They built a wooden house on the hill at Napier and people said it would blow away. It is called Prospect and is still there as is another wooden house for a daughter. They survived the 1931 earthquake.


In 1868 Sam left home to work as a surveyor on new developments.

In the early 1870's he worked for a time in Eketahuna where he helped with the engineering of the new settlement for Scandinavian immigrants.  

In 1874 he realised he would like to be an artist, not a surveyor.

It was probably in about 1876 that Sam got a contact with the Auckland Herald for a set of drawings of Scenes around Auckland.

It is believed the the two paintings show may be his first watercolours

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He soon moved to Australia and stayed for a while in Sydney and in 1880 Sam started work for the Illustrated Australian News in Melbourne. In 1883 he left for England and then Paris where he studied art in Julian's Studio.

In 1895 he joined the staff of the Illustrated London News as an illustrator until 1919.

He was a friend of Russel Flint (Sir William Russell Flint RA 1880 – 1969) and in fact advised him to spend more time doing water colour painting rather than black and white. Later he regretted suggesting this in case Russel Flint  considered that Sam was trying to keep the Black and White work to himself.

In 1912, while visiting India on a commission, he returned to Eketahuna for a visit and was warmly welcomed by the community.

Died 7 Jan 1936

See details: 
Articles from the Eketahuna Express 1912

In 1912 Sam accompanied, we believe, by his Daughter Mary, returned to New Zealand and visited
Eketahuna where he had worked earlier in his life. see Samuel Begg's Autobiography

It may have been on this trip that the following Cape or Cloak was acquired but this is supposition.

Article 1 from Bush Telegraph 1997

Article 2 from Bush Telegraph 1997

Paul Rowntree comments on Sam Begg



From the Begg Family Bible

Born 19 March 1854 at 31 Mecklenburgh Square London

Married 26 April 1893 to Ada AKA Angie

Daughter Ada Mary born 14 May 1894

These was Sam Begg’s Father who died 20th March 1879 in New Zealand

This was Sam Begg’s Sister and the entry in the Family Bible must have been made by either Thomas, Margaret or Agnes MacFarlane

Mary Wilson died at Clyde Cottage Napier New Zealand 23rd Nov 1875 aged 80