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Footnotes  [1 -79] from  Mary Bole for
pages relating to William Joseph Dibdin and Family

These include pages about:
William Joseph Dibdin 
Reginald Aglio Dibdin
Paul Montford
Family Observations
  The collection of work by Mary Bole on WJDibdin and family was well referenced in a single document. The document has been broken down into many web pages but the footnotes kept together.


1   Photo from Harry Touzel
  Painting from http://www.guise.plus.com/Dibdin/portraits/pages/
2   Correspondence with Harry Touzel
3   Spelled Marian in family bible.
4   Dictionary National Biography, Dupré, August
5   Sutton and Cream Herald 31 Mar 1933.
6   Who Was Who, 1916-1928
7   Biographical database of the British Chemical Community, 1880-1970. This database is a research project by the Open University's Department of the History of Science, Technology and Medicine. Authors: Dr. Gerrylynn K Roberts and Dr. Robin Mackie
8   Carole Steele web site:
9   The Times, 11 Jun 1925
10   Scotsman, 24 Jul 1926, p. 10.
11   IGI A member of the LDS church gave the place of marriage as Uppingston, Lanark.
12   BMD England Epsom, ¾ 1902.
13   IGI
14   Family of W.J. Dibdin and Marian Aglio – given to Thomas Rimbault James Dibdin (Uncle Tom) by Mrs. Hartley. He gave a copy to me – Mary.
15   IGI, Chili also mentioned 1920 census of Michigan.
16   IGI, but SSDI gives place of death as Ohio.
17   SSDI
18   IGI
19   Passenger List
20   Birth certificate
21   Guess work – from SSDI
22   Date from Ships passenger list – but not on IGI?
23   Birth Certificate
24   Guess work – from SSDI
25   IGI
26   Birth Certificate
27   IGI
28   SSDI
29   IGI
30   IGI
31   BMD England
32   IGI
33   IGI
34   Can’t find either George or Ethel
35   At the time that Uncle Tom sent me the write up of the family he also sent a hand written family tree of the family. I assume it was also from Mrs. Hartley. There is a child Sophie on the tree between Lionel and Marian.
36   Source?
37   Raoul Guise
38   Information from Sutton and Cream Herald, 31 Mar 1933
39   Raoul Guise
40   The Scotsman, 29 Mar 1933.
41  Plane Crash
  Daily    Mail, Mar 29, 1933.
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43   Raoul Guise
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45   Raoul Guise
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47   Notes from Mrs. Hartley given to Uncle Tom
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49    Raoul Guise
50   http://www.adb.online.anu.edu.au/biogs/A100542b.htm
51   http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/speel/sculpt/montford2.htm
52   I don’t have this information – Mary.
53   Raoul Guise
54   Raoul Guise, Jan 2007.
55   http://www.regencysociety.co.uk/selmamontford.html
56   Uncle Tom
57   Source?
58   Mrs. Hartley
59   Uncle Tom
60   www.familysearch.org
61   Sister of Frederick
62   Family of W.J. Dibdin and Marian Aglio – given to Thomas Rimbault James Dibdin (Uncle Tom) by a Mrs. Hartley. He gave a copy to me – Mary.
63   IGI
64   IGI
65   Scotsman, 18 Apr 1916, p. 7
66   Ellis Island records
67   Family records
68   Ship manifest
69   Harry Touzel
70   SSDI
71 Uncle Tom received a write up of the family of William Joseph. He said Mrs. Hartley gave them to him. I assume Mrs. Hartley is Christine’s daughter, Christine who married Ronald Hartley. Did she write the notes? Uncle Tom is Thomas James Rimbault Dibdin, son of Edward Rimbault Dibdin. Uncle Tom lived in Maghull near Liverpool
72   Ellis Island records
73   Raoul Guise
74   Uncle Tom
75   Raoul Guise
76   www.cowham.org
77   www.cowham.org/hugh/robert.html
78   Mrs. Hartley write up.
79   Raoul Guise.