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The Fleuss Family

Albert Henry Fleuss
 Born 29 Jul 1883
Died 8 December 1939  

Father   Henry Albert Fleuss Inventor 

Mother  Rosabelle FANE who died in Seattle


Sister  Ethel Rosabelle Fleuss (18821893)

From the Census

1891 - Rosabelle in Staines with her daughter Ethell R and son Albert Henry

1901 -Henry Albert b.1852 - married to Rosabelle with a child, Albert Henry in Staines

1911 Henry Albert - Living at Dunstan Lodge, Thatcham, Berks: Henry Albert Fleuss (age 59 born Axford, Wilts), Engineer Specialist in Air Pumps. First Inventor of Miners Rescue Apparatus etc. Widower and working as a consulting engineer on own account. One servant Annie Grace Redknapp.

Note:-  Henry Albert is referred to as a widower but we now have from Greg Spaldoni the his wife had left England for America in 1910 with her son Albert Henry. 

See Travel Document



Information from Greg Spadoni    Olalla, WA, USA     July 2023

The wife of Henry Albert Fleuss, Rosabelle, and their son, Albert, both ended up in the northwest corner of America. Attached is Albert's obituary, from the Peninsula Gateway, the weekly newspaper of Gig Harbor, Washington. It was rather charitable for the cause of death to be listed as a nervous breakdown, when in reality, he died of syphilis. It's unlikely the newspaper was aware of that. Albert was indeed one of the leading citizens of Gig Harbor, very active in civic affairs. He's completely forgotten today, for his very important machine shop was purchased from his widow in the mid 1940s by a guy named Howard Cox, who was extraordinarily gifted as a machinist and mechanic, and lasted forty years or more, so eclipsed anything Albert had done. Albert's machine shop building is still standing, in the heart of Gig Harbor.

     Albert came to America in 1910 from Canada, apparently having arrived in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (I specify that because Washington state also has a city named Vancouver) in 1909. He owned a car in Seattle in 1913, which is also the year he married his first wife, Fannie. She died the next year of complications due to a thyroid operation. She was born in Denmark. 

There is an anomaly here which may explain why Albert Henry left for America.

There is a Marriage Certificate for Albert Henry being married to Ellen Mary Allen in 1908, 2 year before he and his mother left for Vancouver.

The reference below to "second wife" may have to be "third wife".


His second wife was Annie Cooke, though his wife at the time of his death was named Nancy. I'm pretty sure Annie and Nancy was the same woman. The name seemed to alternate throughout the years. Nancy was from England. In 1949 she moved back to England, to "make her home with a sister in Strathcona." I don't know if Cooke was her maiden name or a previous married name. Listed as 52 years old in the 1940 federal census, she was born about 1883.

     During WW1, when he registered for the military draft, Albert was a machinist in Seattle, and his mother, Rosabelle, was living in Seattle too. At some point she moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, for a few years, but was living in Tacoma, Washington, when she died in 1938.

Obituary for Albert Henry Fleuss

We are left with the question as to why Rosabelle left her Husband in England to go with her son to Vancouver. 

Yet another eccentricity within this Fleuss family with the issues of Katherine Fleuss "going of with a count leaving 5 girls", and Dorothy Fleuss having her son adopted and then within 2 years marrying the boy's father and both having to leave for America in WW1 because of anti-German prejudice

What a family!