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Some Family Graves

The Dibdin Family - 8 members
Anthony Benoit Guise
Peter Haycraft Dibdin
Joan and Douglas Welburn
John and Annabella Thorp
Frank Wright
Percy Wright

A collection of relevant grave photographs

Link to article, Family at War, about those in family who were involved in WW1 and WW2


During 2008, it became apparent that there was a Dibdin family grave at All Saints Church Graveyard in Carshalton. 

The existence of this grave must have been known about but it was only when documents and newspaper articles relating to the deaths of family  members where unearthed, did the significance of the grave become clear.

In 2008 there were the following people commemorated on the Gravestone.

MARIAN his wife. 1851-1928. 
AUGUSTINE AGLIO DIBDIN.  their son 1885-1909. 

His father and mother  LIONEL AGLIO DIBDIN. 1881-1933. 
CECILY GRACE his wife. 1882-1933. 
PETER HAYCRAFT DIBDIN 1913-1943 their son 

and added in 2008/9 

JOAN MARY WELBURN nee DIBDIN, sister of PETER 1920 - 2008

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The Grave was presumable initiated for Stanley who died of pneumonia during the WW1 and was the first born of Lionel and Cecily and William and Marian's first Grandchild. From the recorded is seems that he was buried whereas all the others were cremated and their remains where interned in the grave. Although Augustine Dibdin ( Gus) who died previously in 1910 his ashes were not buried until 1925
It is possible that the Gravestone was created some time later after the death of Marian, the matriarch of the family who died in 1928.

The grave was identified by Rosemary Lilley of Carshalton who, in November of that year, sent the following  photograph and a chart giving the family details.

See Chart of details of burials

Joan Welburn nee Dibdin, the daughter of Lionel and Cecily Dibdin, who was living in Cumbria was pleased to accept the idea of being buried and commemorated at both this, her family grave and with her second husband's grave at Lanercost Priory.

Joan's ashes were interned with her husband 
who died many years before 

Lanercost Priory between Banks and Brampton 
in Cumbria.

Thanks to the help and cooperation of those at Carshalton Joan was interned with her family in the family grave.

The Dibdin Memorial Grave after it had been renovated by Truelove's of Carshalton. Eight members of the family.

Joan's first husband Anthony Benoit Guise is buried in Colombo, Ceylon, (Sri Lanka) as he died preparing for active service in the Royal Artillery. 

Thanks to The War Graves Website, this grave was found a few years ago however the photographs of the original grave in 1944 were found in archive material only recently.

The original grave at the time of Tony's death in 1944. 

Photograph from the War Grave website.  


 Two photographs found in the archive material 

It was the off chance finding of the website Find a Grave, a site run voluntarily, in which interested photographers send in photographs of graves, that it can to light that there was a grave in Carshalton specifically for Peter Dibdin . The War Graves record offers no picture so it was assumed that he was  buried in the Dibdin Grave.

Photograph found 
on Find a Grave web site 


 Photograph taken in 2015. The grave has been smartened up by a local resident Jo Corkette in Carshalton, who has taken it upon herself to be responsible for caring for all the War graves in Carshalton Cemetery.

Very many thanks to her for her work.

All the graves shown above except the one at Lanercost can be found on the Website Find a Grave . It is fantastic that people are not only interest in the history that can be derived from graveyards but also sharing so freely their work.

John Hall Thorp and Family

Time looking for and at grave stones has been fruitful and recently it was possible to assemble some history of the Thorp family based on finding some graves in Adel Quaker Graveyard near Leeds.

A member of the Ralph, a grandson of John Hall Thorp married into the Rowntree Family in 1913

John Hall Thorp

Frank Wright

Frank Wright was15 years old on entering
21st Battallion London Regiment (First Surrey Rifles) 650560

Died on Active Service 07/04/1918 Doullens

Brother to Kate Wright who was to marry Alfred Marshall after the war.
There every reason to believe that he would wish to follow in his brothers footsteps.

Surprisingly he survived most of the war and died only in the last half year. 
He was a special brother to Kate Wright and sorely missed.

Link to more details

Percy Wright

Percy Wright was 28 years old on entering 
1st Battallion Middlesex Regiment Rifleman 9710

Died on Active Service 25/09/1915 buried at Cambrin

Brother to Kate Wright who was to marry Alfred Marshall after the war.
Percy enlisted or was already in the army, at the beginning of the war. His example is probably what prompted his brother Frank to enlist at such a young age.

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See a collection of relevant grave photographs