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The Cruikshank Family

The Cruikshank family was rooted in Scotland and had married into the Gray family on two occasions, historically, once in 1808 and later sometime about 1880, in a marriage between Edwin Cruikshank and Edith Mary Gray, the sister of Fred Rowntree’s wife. 

From the 1911 Census  Edith Mary Cruikshank nee Gray lived at 27 Dukes Ave. W4 with daughter and 2 sons, Mary Arch, William Gray (Willie) and Edwin named after his father.

In 1915 Willie Cruikshank married Ada and they had a son Stephen in 1916. Mary Rowntree in one letter suggested to Colin that they rent Picton House to them as she was not living in it during the war.

Reference to the family in The Meeting of the Clans - Scottish Holidays

and An Introduction to the Rowntree Family  - One Branch in the First World War Era

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Records in the Bootham Register suggest that, within the family, only Stephen went to. Bootham. There is at present no known connection with the other two Cruikshanks noted in the Register.

Similarly there is no know connection with the Cruikshank family mentioned in the 1891 census, 
living at 7 Freeland Road, Ealing.  From Scotland (merchant)