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The Gray Family

Current known roots go back to William Gray of Gray, Dunn & Co. Biscuits, of  Glasgow. The Grays were a strong Quaker family and included a number of students of Bootham School, York, and some notable staff.

The family is connected to the Rowntree Family through the marriage of Mary Anna Gray to Frederick Rowntree, the Architect in 1886.

Link to Article regarding the connection between the Gray Family and Rowntrees 
in the early part of the twentieth century.

Gray - Rowntree Family tree


An Article of Interest
The Life of William Gray 1812-1880
written in 1956
by Charles Gray 1889-19 

A details account tracing the roots of the Gray family and looking at the life of William Gray and kith and kin 
Link to article in Scottish Sport History re Woodville Gray
Photograph of Kathleen Gray, nee J. Kathleen WRIGHT,
wife of Donald Gray, 
Head of Bootham.


The current Family Tree has been created from the 1935 Bootham Register, The life of William Gray and recent details from family members.




Gray  William Gray      
Donald Gray     Head of Bootham
Kathleen Gray      
Mary Anna Gray   1862-1933 Married to Fred Rowntree
Other Grays 
at Bootham 
Albert Gray
Antony Gray
Arnold Gray
Charles Gray
Ernest Gray
Gertrude Gray
Henry Gray
James Henry Gray 1
James Henry Gray 2
James Henry Gray 3
Janet Gray
Oliver Gray
William Gray 1
William Gray 2
Woodville Gray Link to article in Scottish Sport History re Woodville Gray