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Summary of the known lives of members of the Guise and Fleuss Family

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As known in June 2015

Henry Joseph Fleuss Artist and Art Teacher at Marlborough College - Taught William Morris
Henry Otto Fleuss Son of Henry Joseph - Engineer - maybe designer of diving helmet -- to be researched
Vera Fleuss  Daughter of Henry Otto - very theatrical personality
Catherine Fleuss Daughter of Henry Otto -Married Frank Wilson left home when her daughter was 12 leaving a number of children -maybe to run off with an Austria Count! -to be researched
Cecilia Wilson Daughter of Catherine Wilson 
Celia Allen Daughter of Cecilia, Artist and ceramics designer and maker
Gerald Fleuss Specialist in Calligraphy and Design and in the arts dept. of Brighton University  
John Bentley  Believed to be John Frances Bentley the Architect for Westminster Cathedral
Win Bentley Daughter of John Bentley - wrote a book on the life of John Bentley
Oswald Bentley Not connected to Bentley Cars 
Jules Carl Guise (Giese) Came from Demark in and worked as a theatrical and circus agent - Married Therese Tourniaire of the circus family who encouraged him to change their name to Guise. 
Therese Caroline Alexandrine Tourniaire  From the Circus Family Tourniaire
Jules Guise Son of Jules Carl Geise - died in 1939 occupation unknown
Anthony Benoit Guise Born 1917, son of Jules Guise and Vera Fleuss - respected locally at school, in church life and in scouts. Trained as an artist. Joined the gunners in WW2 and drowned in Ceylon in 1944. Well liked and respected by his colleagues. Married Joan Dibdin in 1942
Marie Guise Born 1922, daughter of Jules Guise and Vera Fleuss - Company Secretary for Eutectic Alloys in UK.
Yvonne Guise Born 1919, daughter of Jules Guise and Vera Fleuss - Married Neil Callow 
Simon Callow Born 1949, Son of Yvonne Guise and Neil Callow - 
Christopher Guise Son of Benson Guise - working in advanced planning at local and national level.
Sarah Guise nee Loat Sadly died 2014
Raoul Guise Born 1943, son of Anthony Guise and Joan Dibdin - retired Engineer and teacher