Anthony Benoit Guise

1917 - 1944

Artist and Soldier 

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Son of Jules Guise and Vera Agnes Guise

born 5th April 1917 registered  in Croydon
married  Joan Mary Dibdin 1942
One son Raoul Guise

Anthony Benoit Guise in World War 2 - summary

Details of the life A.B.Guise particularly during World War 2

Extra letters after the Death of Tony

Life of his wife, Joan Mary Guise,  in World War 2

Gallery of his work

Guise family

Very little is known about the life of Tony except that from documents and letters and paintings, he seemed to have been quite remarkable in a number of ways.

There is a memory of a newspaper cutting from the war indicating that when he was 14 years old he was a splendid boy scout. The context was about when the troop ship that he was on in the war on his way to the east, sunk, it was noted that he was careful when evacuating the ship and settled those things of significance including a good pair of shore. His comment was that they were a too good a pair of shoes to be wasted!

He was close to his mother Vera (Mater) and well loved y his two sisters Maria and Yvonne.

He was obvious passionately in love with Joan Dibdin whom he meet at his home in Streatham when on leave, so much so that they had to get married within a short time of meeting. He had a strong sense of responsibility and was expected to be a good father and loyal husband. 

He and Joan had one son Raoul born in 1943, 14 months before Tony died.

Before leaving for India he did see his son.

Poem sent back from Ceylon

His paintings from the age of sixteen indicate that he was a very capable artist and he studied as an art student before the outbreak of war. There a number of painting and one example of his sculpture in existence. When in India and Ceylon during the war he sent home, drawings of his tent in India and the bungalow in Ceylon  that he was able to design and have built as his officers lodgings. His letters show that as their officer, he took his duty to his men very seriously, writing home to families when necessary. He drowned in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) saving a colleague when swimming.

Anthony Benoit Guise an artist and soldier in the 2nd World War died 
in Columbo, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka ) on 23 July 1944 
while On Active Service  






United Kingdom




Royal Artillery

Secondary Regiment:

Royal Indian Artillery

Secondary Unit Text:

attd. 13 H.A.A. Regt.,



Date of Death:


Service No:


Additional information:

Son of Jules and Vera A. Guise; husband of Joan Mary Guise (nee Dibdin), of Chiswick, Middlesex.

Casualty Type:

Commonwealth War Dead

Grave/Memorial Reference:

2. J. 1.



Gallery of Paintings by A.B.Guise

Drawing of his tent while in India 

Drawings of the 'bungalow' that he designed and had made in India

Painting of a Bear by A.B.Guise

Poem sent back from Ceylon