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Jones and Dibdin Family Connections

Jones - Tetley Family Connection

Further Dibdin Family Connections

Ann Alice Jones, the sister of  The Rev.William Taylor Jones, married Thomas Colman Dibdin in 1834.

Unfortunately there is no portrait of young Ann Alice Jones but there is one of her mother Ann Taylor and her mother in law, the Mother of Rev WT Jones' father (Willian Taylor Jones).

Portrait of Ann Alice Jones as Mrs T.C.Dibdin

 The Rev.William Taylor Jones, although born at St Marylebone London, married Ann M Taylor, a maltsterís daughter in Saffron Walden where he ran a boarding school. 
His sister, Ann Alice Jones, was born in Lewisham. 

T.C Dibdin spent quite some time in the Essex area drawing and painting. He publish sketches of houses in the area and produced a large watercolour of the Church in Saffron Walden. Print of Saffron Walden Parish Church, 1841 by T C Dibdin

There is evidence that in later years T.C. Dibdin worked for Rev.W.T. Jones at Sydenham College where the latter was head. Jones also talked Dibdin into donating 6 sketches for a venture to develop Mayow Park in Sydenham in 1878.

One of T.C. Dibdin's daughters, Mary E Dibdin, William Taylorsís niece worked at Sydenham College.

Another daughter, Eve Mary Dibdin, born in 1840 went on to marry William Heseltine one of whose children  John W D Heseltine was to be educated in   Margate by William Taylor Jones, the son of the Rev.William Taylor Jones.


Another of Thomas Colmanís  children  Robert Lowes Dibdin, was a  scholar age 8 in 1851 attending the Rev.William Taylor Jonesís school in North Street, Romford.

T.C.Didbin who started life in 1810 in Bletchworth near Box Hill, stayed sometime in his life in Lewisham and died in Sydenham December 26th 1893.

For more details see Rev. William Taylor Jones