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Jones-Dibdin Connection  Tetley - Jones Connection
Thomas Colman Dibdin  Rev W.T. Jones and Family


The Jones Tetley Connection

This section is about a branch of the Jones Family that derives from William Jones and his son the Rev. William Taylor Jones of Saffron Walden.

The connection with the Dibdin family is considerable and is worthy of investigation.

All the information comes from research and interest by a members of the Tetley-Jones family and a researcher, Michael Blow.

In summary the connection is between Thomas Colman Dibdin and his wife Ann Alice Jones, the sister of the Rev William Taylor Jones of Saffron Walden.

It is interesting to note that TC Dibdin seemed to have spent quite some time in the Essex Area making sketches in various houses and then later worked for Rev. W.T. Jones at Sydenham College

Rev William Taylor Jones seems to have been an exceptional individual, teaching at first at a school in Saffron Walden and then being the Head at Sydenham College with a son who ran a school in Margate.

The Census Records show that a number of members of the Dibdin Family attended these schools.

Quite by chance there exists portraits of the Mother and the Grandmother  of  Rev. W.T. Jones and Ann Alice Jones.

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