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Some members of the Rowntree Family at Bootham

Gray Family at Bootham

Thorp Family at Bootham

About the Bootham Register

Alaric Alfred Alfred-John Allan
Alaric.jpg Alfred.jpg Alfred-John.jpg Allan.jpg
Arnold Arthur Benjamin Charles
Arnold.jpg Arthur.jpg Benjamin.jpg Charles.jpg
Christopher Colin Douglas Ellen
Christopher.jpg Colin.jpg Douglas.jpg Ellen.jpg
Ernest Fred Geoffrey George
Ernest.jpg Fred.jpg Geoffrey.jpg George.jpg
Harold Henry-Brightwen Henry-Isaac Howard
Harold.jpg Henry-Brightwen.jpg Henry-Isaac.jpg Howard.jpg
James-Edward James-Henry John-Brightwen John-Stephenson
James-Edward.jpg James-Henry.jpg John-Brightwen.jpg John-Stephenson.jpg
John-Watson John-Wilhelm Joseph Joseph-John
John-Watson.jpg John-Wilhelm.jpg Joseph.jpg Joseph-John.jpg
Joseph-Stephenson Joshua Kenneth Lawrence
Joseph-Stephenson.jpg Joshua.jpg Kenneth.jpg Lawrence.jpg
Malcolm Michael Oliver Oscar
Malcolm.jpg Michael.jpg Oliver.jpg Oscar.jpg
Ralph Reginald Theodore Thomas
Ralph.jpg Reginald.jpg Theodore.jpg Thomas.jpg
William William-Stickney    
William.jpg William-Stickney.jpg