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Douglas Woodville ROWNTREE

and Family

Douglas Woodville ROWNTREE

Fred Rowntree
and Mary Anna Gray

Born 6th May 1888

Married 24 Oct 1912 to 
Winifred Hickman -  born 21 July 1893 - died 20 Jun 1980

Died 26 Oct 1966

Brother of Colin and Molly

Douglas Rowntree in WW1

Douglas Rowntree from the Bootham Register

Douglas' cousin Malcom Rowntree married Winifred's sister Violet. Both were daughters of Walter Richard John and Fanny HICKMAN
of Putney. 
Of their brothers Terence was killed in action June 1916 and Alan survived with injury.
Children -
Ann Born 23 February 1914
Nicholas Born 26 December 1915
Kirsteen Born 2 November 1918
Jennifer Judith (Judd) Born 3 July 1921 Died 23 July 1991

One Branch of the Rowntree Family in the WW1 Era.

Frederick Rowntree and Family in the Early Twentieth Century

From  Dictionary of Scottish Architects 1840-1940

Fred Rowntree and Sons
Fred Rowntree

Colin Rowntree

Douglas Woodville Rowntree

Douglas Woodville Rowntree was born in England in 1888, the son of architect Fred Rowntree and his wife Mary Anna Gray. He attended day classes at the Architectural Association schools from 1905 to 1907, passing the preliminary exam in 1906. From 1907 he was employed by his father as improver and subsequently assistant , passing the intermediate exam in November 1908. He sought additional experience from April to September 1910 in the firm of Mussellwhite & Sapp, builders, of Basingstoke, but continued in his father's firm thereafter. He was taken into partnership by his father, together with his younger brother Colin, in 1912. The practice, known as Fred Rowntree & Sons, was based at 11 Hammersmith Terrace, Hammersmith.

Douglas Woodville Rowntree joined the armed forces in January 1916. After the war he returned to the family firm, which continued at the same address until at least 1922. He was admitted ARIBA on 3 March 1919, his proposers being his father, Stanley Davenport Adshead and Charles Spooner, who wrote in his supporting statement: 'he took entire charge of the work of the firm (F Rowntree & Son) for more than six months while the senior partner was away in China and had considerable responsibility during that time.'

Middlesex Regiment

Office with his father Fred Rowntree 11 Hammersmith Terrace

A letter from the next Generation about the Architectural family


Douglas and Chenda

Ann Reed nee Rowntree

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Anne Reed's Wedding

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