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The Rowntree Family

George Rowntree


Born              20 Dec 1855
Married         24 Jun 1885 to Priscilla Gray Wallis
Died              01 Mar 1940
Children        one son Malcolm who married Violet Hickman in 1914. They had two girls and then sadly Violet died in1916. Malcolm re-married in 1921 to Elizabeth Juliana Tree and had another girl.

The son of John Rowntree the Grocer of Scarborough and grandson of William Rowntree, a millar from Gateshead. It seems that he settled in Scarborough to work in the family business.

George was first cousin once removed to Joseph Rowntree II of York chocolate fame.

George was an older brother of Frederick Rowntree the Architect.

At the age of 80, George wrote, during the winter of 1935-36, 
a book of Reminiscences of various events during his life.
This Booklet was written to his Grandchildren,
Elizabeth, Catherine, and Ann Priscilla.

More details of George and the Rowntree family as well as the Wallis family 
has been gleaned from research into his guest book for Riseborough near to Olive’s Mount. 

His Reminiscences contain details of the Schreiner Riots in Scarborough during the Boer War.
A further article about the riots was produced by Metford Robson, .
The Rowntree family and the Schreiner Riots
Journal of the Friends' Historical Society, 59:1 (2000), 67-82. ISBN 00719587.

George  Rowntree from the Bootham Register