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The Rowntree Family

The task of documenting the lives of the Rowntree Family as a whole would be immense. This Website centres on one branch of the Rowntrees of Risborough that has Frederick Rowntree as the Patriarch. There are pages relevant to Fred's siblings and other members of the Family and references and links to others more distantly related and those drawn in by marriage.

The Introduction and many of the early family trees are taken from the latest edition of the book Rowntrees of Risborough by Charles Brightwen Rowntree and subsequently his niece E.Margaret Sessions.  

By virtue of the nature of Quakerism in the eighteen and ninety centuries is is observable that quaker families group and intermarried. It will be noticed that the articles relating to Fred Rowntree and his offspring tend to involved other large and significant Quaker families, Grays and Cruikshanks of Scotland and the Thorps of Leeds. This issue is drawn out in the article The Bootham Connection

Early Family Tree   
Plan of Rowntree Ancestors and Relations  
Introduction to the Rowntree Family -
One Branch
Article about Frederick Rowntree and Family in the early Twentieth Century - WW1 Era
B. Seebohm Rowntree Sociologist and chairman of Rowntree & Co.Ltd., 
-  a distant cousin of Fred Rowntree 
George Rowntree  Who wrote Reminiscences in 1935-36
Brother of Fred Rowntree
Lawrence Edmund Rowntree Grandson of Joseph Rowntree II
Tree from Will. Rowntree & Hannah Hebron  to Fred Rowntree and siblings -- 5 generations
Various Family Trees  

Frederick Rowntree and his Family

Frederick Rowntree Architect married in 1886 to  Mary Anne Gray
--- Douglas Rowntree Architect married in 1912 to  Winifred Hickman
---------Ann Rowntree  married in 1939 to  Alan Reed  - Architect
 ----------------Susan Rebecca Reed married in 1965 to  Dean Carson Eayre
--- Colin Rowntree Architect married in 1914 to  Mary Begg
---------Michael Rowntree married in 1936 to Sybil Walton Winn
---------Paul Rowntree  married in 1942 to  Gwendolene Marshall
--- Judith Mary Rowntree (Molly) married in 1913 to  Ralph Thorp
Emily Rowntree - Aunt Em sister of  Frederick Rowntree  

Articles of Interest relating to the Rowntree Family

An Introduction to the Rowntree Family - One Branch  
Family at war - Details Families in WW1 and WW2 - letters, diaries and documents.  
The Meeting of the Clans - Scottish Holidays and other gatherings.   
The Gray Rowntree Cruikshank and Thorp connection - Family Tree  
The Schreiner Riots in Scarborough 1900  
Letter by P.Rowntree regarding the Fred Rowntree Partnership  
George Rowntree's Reminiscences  
Details of the Rowntree & Wallis Families - research into Guest book  
The Rowntrees at Bootham  
Bootham Register  
The Bootham Connection  
Friends' Ambulance Unit - in the First World War   
Chiswick - A Family Habitat in the Twentieth Century   
Details of a Rowntree Cruise in 1936  




Rowntree Benjamin Seebohm Rowntree          
Frederick Rowntree   1860-1927 Architect
Mary Anna Rowntree  nee Gray 1862-1933  
George Rowntree      
Colin Rowntree   1891-1965 Architect
Mary Rowntree  nee Begg    
Douglas Rowntree   1888-1966 Architect
Judith Mary Rowntree (Molly)  1893-1989 Married to R. Thorp
Paul Rowntree   1920-1999 Doctor
Gwendoline Rowntree  nee Marshall    
Michael Rowntree
Lawrence E Rowntree
Other Rowntrees  at Bootham      
  Alaric Rowntree
Alfred Rowntree
Alfred John Rowntree
Allan Rowntree
Arnold Rowntree
Arthur Rowntree
Benjamin Rowntree
Charles Brightwen Rowntree
Christopher Rowntree
Ellen Rowntree
Ernest Rowntree
Harold Rowntree
Henry Brightwen Rowntree
Henry Isaac Rowntree
John Stephenson Rowntree
John Watson Rowntree
John Wilhelm Rowntree
Joseph Rowntree
Joseph John Rowntree
Joseph Stephenson Rowntree
Joshua Rowntree
Kenneth Rowntree
Lawrence Rowntree
Malcom Rowntree
Michael Rowntree
Oliver Rowntree
Oscar Rowntree
Ralph Rowntree
Reginald Rowntree
Theodore Rowntree
Thomas Rowntree
William Stickney Rowntree


Recently the following graves stone were found in the Cemetery in the grounds of the Quaker Meeting House in Adel Leeds.

Alice Thorp died 16-7-1875 at 76 years of age

Annabella Thorp died 24-2-1902 at 72 years of age

J.Hall Thorp died 28-12-1904 at 81 years of age

Ann Rowntree died 24-12-1883 at 77 years of age

Charles E Brightwen died 20-2-1896 45 years

Lucy Brightwen died 13-1-1938  39 years

 A Dynasty of Artists based on a Document by Marian Alice Montford nee Dibdin
This article has been amplified to include members and relations of the Rowntree Family