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The Woollard Family

Poem by George Woollard

The Special Car

Tune: Have Faith in God.

Thereís a Special Car reserved for you to Glory
For the journey to the mansions bright above
Itís connected to the live rail of Godís mercy
And Electrified by Jesus and his love.

Step in the Car
Just as you are
The young and old
From near and Far
No fare to pay
Start right away
With Jesus in the Special Car.

Jesus died on the Cross at Calvaryís Junction
Paid the Fare that you and I might travel free
Leave the siding of despair at once and enter
For the Special Car in waiting now for thee.

Though the funnels may appear so dark and dreary
As you enter light will shine as clear as day
With Electric rays that radiate from Jesus
Shining from the Special Car along the way.

Come just now and hear the loving words of Jesus
Through the open door he calls you as you are
He will change you from the down line to the up line
He will take you with him in the Special Car

By the magnet of the Saviourís love and mercy
We are drawn to Him, our Bright and morning star
We will travel to the Terminus in Glory
All the way with Jesus in the Special Car.

G. Woollard 1905